Raising little ones is an adventure.

Explore it outside!

Our Turn the Blues Green program is focused on parental well-being and post-natal mental health and supports new caregivers to experience the benefits of time spent in nature for both themselves and their babies.

Ever feel like this?

"There's gotta be other parents going through this."


" I feel better just being outside, even if it's just for a little bit."


"I need to go outside, for her (and me!)"

Created in partnership with Intermountain Health, our reflection journal for new parents is a pocket support tool that offers peer reflections from caregivers who’ve been there, mindfulness prompts, and a few quick tips to encourage new parents to get outside as an active way to overcome the overwhelm of having a new baby.

"When having a baby, how am I going to get outside without having a connection to my friends?
Part of my job as an obstetrics nurse is to help new moms learn to take care of themselves. The Turn The Blues Green Program helped me show new moms in my community that going outside made them feel better."

-Alejandrina, Bilingual Nurse Facilitator for Turn The Blues Green

"Cuando tenga un bebé, ¿cómo voy a salir sin tener una conexión con mis amigos?
Parte de mi trabajo como enfermera obstetrica es ayudar a las nuevas mamás a aprender a cuidarse a sí mismas. El programa Turn The Blues Green me ayudó a mostrarles a las nuevas mamás de mi comunidad que salir al aire libre las hacía sentir mejor".


-Alejandrina, enfermera facilitadora bilingüe de Turn The Blues Green


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