OutGrown is bridging the baby nature gap by helping families with children ages 0-5 connect with nature and grow up healthy. 

OutGrown is bridging the baby nature gap. Our work helps families with children zero to five years old build relationships with nature as a way to improve mental and physical health, prevent adverse childhood experiences, and encourage environmental awareness from birth. 

Through community-led programs, we utilize an intergenerational approach starting at birth to ensure that families have the support they need to incorporate nature into their daily lives.


OutGrown is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit, headquartered in Beaverton, OR. 


A world where everyone can enjoy the physical and mental benefits of spending time outside. 

We envision a world where downstream interventions are no longer needed for families to address and overcome the physical and mental health concerns created by adverse childhood experiences or to heal severed relationships with nature. We see a future where every family from the day they bring their infant home from the hospital has the support they need to raise their children with a strong connection to nature. We work towards a reality in which healthy by nature reflects a reciprocity to steward a healthy nature.

Yet while the overall rate of Americans participating in outdoor recreation continues to increase; outings for families with children has declined. Many efforts are focused on connecting families with youth to the outdoors, but historically such activities have prioritized children ages 6+. This has created a significant service gap we at OutGrown call the baby nature gap. 

From birth to three, the infant brain is making over 1 million neuronal connections per second. During the transition to parenthood, the adult brain changes and develops alongside their infant. This creates a unique window of opportunity in which parents’ brains are open to changes in behavior, thinking, and motivation. There is strong evidence regarding the benefits of nature for health and wellbeing, but nature can also serve as a pathway for the healing, and potentially the prevention, of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). OutGrown’s upstream programs and initiatives can help caregivers and infants connect to each other, their community, and heal severed relationships with nature.


As an organization working in communities to improve health outcomes and increase environmental awareness for families with children ages 0-5, we commit to the following values and seek to partner with and employ those who embrace and embody their importance.

  • Embracing Balance: We recognize the importance of rest and enjoyment in sustaining well-being and productivity, encouraging our people to prioritize self-care and find joy in their work and personal lives.

  • Collaborative Problem Solving: We value collaboration and teamwork in problem-solving, fostering an environment where diverse perspectives are welcomed, and collective intelligence is leveraged to address challenges effectively.

  • Adaptability in Action: We embrace flexibility as a key driver of success, empowering our people to adapt to changing circumstances and explore innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of families and communities.

  • Innovative Disruption: We encourage bold thinking and creative experimentation, inspiring our people to challenge the status quo and disrupt conventional practices in pursuit of new and impactful ways to advance our mission.

  • Stewardship: We embody a commitment to stewardship, recognizing our responsibility to safeguard the natural world and nurture its resources for future generations, integrating sustainable practices into our daily operations and inspiring environmental stewardship in those we serve.


At OutGrown we are committed to fostering equity and inclusivity in our mission to bridge the baby nature gap. We recognize that access to nature and its associated benefits should be universal, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, past or current military service, marital status, parental status, religion, level of formal education, immigrant status, socioeconomic status, ability, geographic location, or other identity.

We acknowledge historical and systemic inequities that have limited access to green spaces and outdoor experiences for certain communities. We strive to dismantle these barriers by actively engaging with and empowering underserved and marginalized families. We prioritize initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within our programs, partnerships, and organizational structure.

Through our outreach efforts, we aim to ensure that all families have equitable opportunities to access nature-rich environments and participate in our programs. We actively seek feedback from diverse communities to inform our programming, ensuring that it meets the unique needs and preferences of the families we serve.

Furthermore, we are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and represented. We continuously examine our practices and policies to identify and address any biases or inequities that may exist.

By prioritizing equity in all aspects of our work, we aspire to create a more just and equitable society where, from birth, every child and family has the opportunity to thrive through meaningful connections with nature.

Together, we are not just growing; we are OutGrowing barriers, OutGrowing social isolation, and OutGrowing health disparities toward a greener, healthier, and more inclusive tomorrow.